Alberto Gotta

I was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1977. In July 2002, when I was 24 year old, I graduated in Telecommunications Engineering, at the University of Genoa, with a mark of 110/110. In September 2002 I was engaged by the Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecommunicatzioni (CNIT), where I started my research activity.  In May 2004, I joined the laboratory for Wireless Networks (WN Lab), at the ISTI institute of CNR in Pisa; my goal was studying and addressing the issues of resource allocations, quality of service and fading countermeasures for rain attenuation in geostationary satellite networks. In 2005 I also started the studies for Ph.D, which I achieved in April 2008.

Today, I am a researcher of the WN Lab @ ISTI. My field of interest is related to architectures for wireless, satellite and sensor networks applied in the context of vehicular ubiquitous networks for entertainment, multimedia and environmental monitoring. I have been actively participating in FP6/7 projects funded by the European Community, in ESA ARTES projects, and in national Industrial Innovation (PII) projects.


Alberto Gotta


Genoa, Italy


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Alberto Gotta
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