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Data sets

This page lists the data sets released by WNLAB. If you plan to use the data sets for your research, please consider to properly cite the original papers describing the data sets.

SocializeME, Bluetooth beacons for social interaction detection

This data set describes a data collection campaign and a dataset of BLE beacons for detecting and analysing human social interactions. The dataset has been collected by involving 15 volunteers that interacted in indoor environments for a total of 11 hours of activity. The dataset is released as a collection of CSV files with a timestamp, RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and a unique identifier of the emitting and of the receiving devices.

Article describing the data set: here

Analysis of the data set:

Credits: Michele Girolami, Fabio Mavilia and Franca Delmastro

If you would like to use the data set, pleases consider the following papers in your work:

  • Michele Girolami, Fabio Mavilia, Franca Delmastro, A bluetooth low energy dataset for the analysis of social interactions with commercial devices, Data in Brief, Volume 32, 2020, 106102, ISSN 2352-3409,
  • Michele Girolami, Fabio Mavilia, Franca Delmastro, Sensing social interactions through BLE beacons and commercial mobile devices, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Volume 67, 2020, 101198, ISSN 1574-1192,
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