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= SensorWeaver = SensorWeaver is a suite of applications that enables application development in distributed sensor networks scenarios. It comprises:

  • A Middleware Platform for secure communications between applications and sensor nodes
  • Applications that leverage Middleware functionalities

The software project is licensed with Apache V2 licensing.

This page contains developers and administrators documentation on SensorWeaver components:

SensorWeaver Middleware

TODO: Report functionalities and system architecture here.

Developer Guide

  • Project and development environment setup
    • IDE setup and repositories
    • Project setup
    • OSGi container of choice: Karaf
  • Getting an instance of the Middleware service
    • OSGI Registry
    • Blueprint
  • API
    • Publishing sensor data
    • Getting sensor data
  • Integration testing
    • Pax-Exam
    • Karaf
  • Links
    • OSGi specs and compendium
    • Blueprint Aries
    • MQTT Protocol

Administrator Guide

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